Totally Rude Comet to Visit Earth. Briefly. Green. And Backward.

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Just who does this comet think it is? The comet Lulin, discovered last year by a Chinese teenage amateur astronomer, has never been here before. This is its first pass around the sun. It will, owing to a number of different poorly explained by science journalists effects, fly at the sun backwards, spewing green gasses. Only first time comets spew the green gas. Then it will fly around the sun and back out into the far reaches of the solar system. The comet will actually capture enough energy from this one single trip around the sun to escape the gravitational space time warp of our solar system. Escape with the energy.

Take take take. That’s all this comet seems to be able to do.

Apparently it will be visible next monday. Details here. I assume that my brother in law, Glen, will be photographing the interloper, and I’ll keep you posted on that.

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9 thoughts on “Totally Rude Comet to Visit Earth. Briefly. Green. And Backward.

  1. If he gives me a photo to post, I’ll post it. I really don’t know if he’s doing these shots these days, but he’s had a number of comet photos posted by NASA. So we’ll see.

  2. “Take take take. That’s all this comet seems to be able to do.”

    You inconsiderate comet basher! It will pay dearly for the escape energy, with copious amounts of green stuff!

  3. Don’t let yourselves be fooled! Teh Government knows all about this comet! That green gas is really a DEADLY poison that will speep over the Earth, killing 1/3 of all life (notice the Biblical tie-in). This is just one part of the Governement’s top secret 2012 plans. This comet, in addition to the poison-spewing, is actually being STEERED by illuminati scientists at NASA and ESA so that it will IMPACT at Yellowstone Caldera, triggering the LARGEST EXPLOSION in human history!!!111!!elevnty!!!!

  4. How can anyone even come up with the crazy notion of a “backward-flying” comet? Does the half-wit journalist who wrote this think it has a dedicated surface or maybe even a “face” which defines the direction of forward motion?

    This is the silliest instance of anthropomorphizing a lifeless object I have ever seen.

  5. “backwards” means, I would assume, in this context, retrograde.
    That is, in the opposite direction from the rest of the solar system.
    Sorta like my son in his (2nd grade) gym class when the teacher tells everyone to run around the gym.
    He’ll go the opposite way, ’cause it’s “more fun”.

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