President Obama on Darwin’s Birthday

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… and some other guy …

You must go to just after six minutes 20 second. And then it’s like, one second long. But there is is.

Quiz: Who first and most consistently against slavery, Lincoln or Darwin?

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0 thoughts on “President Obama on Darwin’s Birthday

  1. I heard somewhere that the new argument against evolution from creationists will be that Darwin was terribly offended by slavery so therefore evolution must not be true – his opinions were tainted.

    So my guess is -Darwin??!!

  2. The embodyment of Obama; the man, the mind… in itself, is a great testament to the evolution of species.

    The speech itself, a powerful illustration of the ‘Ascent of Man’ in the Oval office [bush-man to mountain-top man].

    Thanks for posting.

  3. I’ll go try and find it for you Greg. I’m pretty sure it came from one of two places – either the FCS blog or an e mail that was sent out on the mailing list.
    If it’s the latter, I may not have saved it.

  4. So, until the new book Darwin’s Sacred Cause came out, he was a racist and invented evolution to justify slavery. Then the book came out and he invented evolution because he hated slavery. If you are keeping score:

    Darwinism = Slavery
    Darwinism = Anti-Slavery

    It’s all good, right?

  5. Greg – Here is an e mail I received. (Mike it mentions the same book):

    “I haven’t seen any creationist employ such a tactic recently, but with the
    publication of Desmond and Moore’s Darwin’s Sacred Cause, it may
    emerge. Desmond and Moore are respected historians of science, and the
    central argument of their book — that the anti-slavery beliefs in his
    family motivated and inspired Darwin’s view of common descent in general
    and of the common ancestry of humans in particular — is advanced and
    defended in a scholarly responsible way. But by emphasizing
    extrascientific influences on Darwin’s scientific work, they may open the
    door to the creationists to argue that the scientific work is
    corrupted. For information about the book, see:,,9781846140358,00.html

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