Maddow on the Stimulus Bill

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0 thoughts on “Maddow on the Stimulus Bill

  1. The Republicans appear to really want to lose whatever edge they have in congress.

    There’s been some absolutely stunning obstructionist behavior on the part of the Republican leadership. Good luck in 2010!

    And Bull Puckey? How about Bovine Effluvia!

  2. Obama should drop the current bill and return to the original, declaring that it is this, or nothing, making it clear to the GOP that they are flirting with political suicide. As people lose their jobs, homes, cars, and businesses because the GOP are unrepentant sore losers, he can point out that the only relief the country will get will come when the constituents of Republican congresscritters have the incumbents replaced with progressives.

    (Someone will helpfully hint that a handful of quick assassinations will speed the process.)

  3. Enough with the bipartisanship crap, which wouldn’t be crap if only the Republicans cared about 1) the country instead of their party’s talking points 2) facts instead of ideology, and 3) the future of their party, which will ultimately be destroyed by their foolishness.

    But since they’re all morons who can’t face reality, I say, fuck ’em. We’ve got the numbers, so let’s just go forward without them. Let the bastards filibuster if they want; their implosion and marginalization will only come the sooner as the American public finally, and irevocably, realize who’s to blame for the mess we’re in.

    And not a moment too soon, either.

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