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i-ada6d6663e8e227a9c4a2ad6d417d7af-car15.jpgI am hosting The Giant’s Shoulders this month. Please get me your submissions by the 15th. Hint: Darwin’s birthday is this month. Hint: Darwin was a giant. Do Darwin!

Send submissions via the blog carnival submission thingie.

  • Berry Go Round #13: Winter-Tough is here, at Watching The World Wake Up.
  • The Carnival of the Blue #21 is here, at The Oyster’s Garter.
  • Brain Blogging, Forty-Third Edition is here, at Brain Blogger.
  • I and the Bird #93: The Compelling Nature of Birds is at Vickie Henderson’s place.
  • Grand Rounds 5(20) is at Not Totally Rad.
  • Festival of the Trees 32 is at Treeblog.
  • Mendel’s Garden, 28th Edition is here, at Quintessence of Dust.
  • Change of Shift: Welcome to The Fishbowl is at Digital Doorway.
  • The Accretionary Wedge #15: Pondering the geological future of Earth is at Clastic Detritus
  • Carnival of Evolution is Here and Here.
  • Gene Genie #43: Personal genomics, health and evolution is here.
  • Carnival of the Arid #1 is HERE at Coyote Crossing
  • History Carnival # 73 is here.
  • Have you visited Quiche Moraine?

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