Homeschooling Carnival Up

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Homeschool Showcase (Formerly The Carnival of Cool Homeschoolers) #15 is up at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. I’ve got an item listed in the carnival, which is typical (I often send potentially useful science content material to the homeschooling carnivals.)

While you’re studying Earth science, you may want to check out Nature’s Evolutionary Gems posted by Greg Laden at Greg Laden’s Blog. It’s up to you whether you use it to teach evolution as fact or as a teachable moment as you discuss God’s creation. I know how we’ll be using it. 😉

Wink wink indeed!

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0 thoughts on “Homeschooling Carnival Up

  1. Their nod to the ID team’s shallow entry is interesting — Is that nearly empty site the best/least wrong ID site on the web?

  2. Dammit, aren’t there any decent secular homeschooling sites? Not all of us homeschool because we want to raise our children in a delusional world of sky fairies and mythical creation stories. Do you know how frustrating it is to look for good homeschooling resources only to find jebus embedded in them?

    It’s good to know that someone is trying to introduce real science to these people, even if it is laughed off as a joke.

  3. The entry was not being laughed off as a joke. The “wink” was simply based on the fact that my regular blog readers know that my blog is unashamedly Christian. It was not intended as an insult to the entry.

    As for the ID site, I include all relevant links of interest as they are submitted. The link was submitted and I included it. It was not intended as nod to ID or a refute of evolution. Simply an entry.

    Thanks for linking to the Carnival.

  4. “It’s good to know that someone is trying to introduce real science to these people, even if it is laughed off as a joke.”

    I’m personally glad that they keep their kids out of public schools.

  5. Odd. When the carnival was run by an Atheist/Objectivist, it was the “Cool Unsocialized Homeschoolers”; now that it’s run by a Christian Creationist/Providentialist, it’s “Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.”

    Apparently, unsocialized homeschoolers are also “dense,” accepting submissions from people who don’t homeschool. …Of course, since you once practiced homeschooling on yourself, you may qualify. In fact, because “all the world’s a classroom,” everybody qualifies.

    Welcome to the party. [wink]

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