I got my tee shirt!

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I’m at the Evolution 2008 Conference. It’s great. And I got a tee-shirt.Here’s what the front looks like:i-c3060e1fd47dc6700528534e6b2f2b23-Evolution_2008_tee_shirt.jpgThis tee-shirt was only available for a brief period for people attending the Education event on Friday at the Bell Museum. That was great too. The connection with the bell museum is evident from the sleeve of the tee-shirt:i-f4d54eee588e0bb4d9f1205ad071fc6f-Evolution_2008_tee_shirt_sleve.jpgSay no more.

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6 thoughts on “I got my tee shirt!

  1. The conference logo was designed by Don Luce who works at the Bell Museum of Natural History. You can also see another example of his work at the MnCSE web site: ( < http://www.mnscience.org >).His logos are very cool, at least in my view.Thanks for the posts, Greg. For someone who can’t be there they are very helpful. And what an addition to the history/philosophy of science faculty it Mark Borello

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