When geeks don’t have enough work to do.

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It gets really interesting just after 1 min. 30 sec.

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2 thoughts on “When geeks don’t have enough work to do.

  1. Greg,R2D2 is also a project in the University of Pisa (I have visited R2D2 a couple of times already :-)).The motivation was for R2D2 to be used as a tour guide or similar in the University originally, in museums and other sites when (if) it goes in production.It’s nice to see there can be other uses as well!

  2. Meh. Looks like a droid ordering the humans around, instead of the reverse. Let me know when they get R2-D2 to whistle to C-3PO, who then goes to the correct rack and replaces the cable (while expostulating in a British accent about how shocked he is at the vandalism of a fellow cybernetic).

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