Fishing Opener is Almost Here!

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… So, time to get some gear together. Let’s see. I need some new line, a couple of new lures, I’m hoping to get a musky rod (if I can find one on sale…). Let’s see, what else…. How about a New Boat!?!?i-e445cb046094231ea55b672cb5fefa2a-image01.jpgOK, that’s a good one. A little small, but it should do. But we have to be very very careful about how we lower it down into the water….i-ddd1bc2614251ef38a08763ad5b23e4d-image02.jpgWhoa! (Hey, who’s that guy sitting up there in the stern???Man, this is going take a bit of work to clean up….i-61c796d19873c753d0197dbf59d61f29-image03.jpg

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5 thoughts on “Fishing Opener is Almost Here!

  1. Intriguing technique that.I had never even considered fishing by dropping boats on the fish. It, just off the cuff, sounds costly and inefficient but it also sounds very sporting and demonstrates a good bit of verve and panache.

  2. Down on the bayou where I come from, we use a pirogue wit dat 200 HP Evenrude to get way out in de marsh. Den, when we get to dat little back bay dat no one knows about, we lob dat stick o’ dynomite into the bay ‘chere. After it go BOOM, den we dip dem fish and dem crab into de boat and heads back to the de dock. Now dats what I call Fishin!Apologies to any other Cajuns who happen to be reading. soemtimes my bayou accent slips out. Good luck with the muskie rod hunt – you would be well advised to loook for them AFTER the seasone nds when they go on discount.

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