Fake or real?

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7 thoughts on “Fake or real?

  1. Fake. A search of Snopes showed it is an old IKEA Communications commercial.If you watch closely, the airbag inflates MUCH too slowly. You shouldn’t be able to really see the process of inflation. A real airbag inflates in something like 40 milliseconds (about one video frame). It also would shed a cloud of powder (airbags manufacturers use either cornstarch or talcum power to keep the bags piable and lubricated).Basically, it would go ‘bang’ really really loudly (and look like it appeared instantly), shed a cloud of powder and immediately deflate.It does none of the above.

  2. What Ben said. An airbag bounces first from the windshield and then to the driver. His glass would have been broken had it been real, and the airbag would have deflated as instantly as it inflated. The airbag sensors are not in the front of the bumper, at least on most cars and I doubt that they would be on a Mercedes.I used to work as an insurance appraiser and also have worked for body shops.

  3. Cars generally also have to be moving about 10 mph or so before the airbag will deploy. That, and the skaters are way too coordinated to be real. I mean, shirts with the same little cuffed sleeves that are clean and new enough to be advertising laundry detergent–really? Have they never met a kid with a skateboard?(Gratuitous stereotyping provided at no extra charge.)

  4. Airbags don’t deploy in response to minor bumps for a very good reason: Suppose your airbag deployed when you drove over a big pothole, and as a result of getting whacked in the face with an airbag, you then veered into a fatal head-on collision. Airbags are engineered to ignore anything less than a real no-foolin’ hard crash, and that’s a good thing.

  5. Great vid, fake or not, I like that they are really making these things look amateur! Hopefully one will come up sometime that has people stumped for a bit longer.Without knowing anything about airbags I would have to say it is fake based on the fact you can hear the car and bag-hit quite clearly with what looks to be a terrible camera from a reasonable distance away. Also what StephanieZ said, slightly unnatural movements from everyone.

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