Attack of the Space Robots Imminent

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From Wired:

Astronauts bound for orbit this week will [be], assembling a “monstrous” two-armed space station robot that will rise like Frankenstein from its transport bed.Putting together Dextre, the robot, will be one of the main jobs for the seven Endeavour astronauts, who are scheduled to blast off in the wee hours of Tuesday, less than three weeks after the last shuttle flight.

Do they not understand the forces with which they toy? It is a small step from helpful mechanical giant to Borgish Behemoth. The end is near. We are doomed.

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One thought on “Attack of the Space Robots Imminent

  1. “It is a small step from helpful mechanical giant to Borgish Behemoth.”Canada’s plan to rule the universe has been outed!!!

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