Life After Darwin Part 01

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More Life After Darwin

Have you read the breakthrough novel of the year? When you are done with that, try:

In Search of Sungudogo by Greg Laden, now in Kindle or Paperback
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5 thoughts on “Life After Darwin Part 01

  1. Speaking only for myself, I’d appreciate a short sentence of explanation. There seem to be a growing number of items that are nothing but a video or other link, with no clue as to what it is.Life is too short and too busy just to go blindly following links … thanks.

  2. Scott. Thanks for the kind suggestion.This is a video. You click the “play” button. The narrator then explains to you what this is.I should add, though, that there are ten of these. The first eight are posted on this blog (two today, one per day thereafter). But the last two are broken … no sound. But you don’t need to hear them all.You are incorrect about your statement that there is a “growing number of bla bla bla…” on this site. There is actually a shrinking number of posts, and a growing percentage and absolute number of substantive and original items and a shrinking number of newsy linky things.However, I have not (and shall not, by jove) decrease the number of links to things such as blog carnivals, etc. because that is my duty as a blogger. Perhaps it is from this that your perception grows.

  3. This is a video. You click the “play” button. The narrator then explains to you what this is.

    And thank you for the snotty reply, Greg.

  4. Do you actually have a comment hall of fame? Where’s the link?If you don’t have one, make one, and give me a link to follow;-)

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