Men Rendered Obsolete

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Men are largely useless, and worse, detrimental to normal operation of a society. But they have been retained because they were the only known source of sperm. Not any more.

British scientists are ready to turn female bone marrow into sperm, cutting men out of the process of creating life.The breakthrough paves the way for lesbian couples to have children that are biologically their own.Gay men could follow suit by using the technique to make eggs from male bone marrow.Researchers at Newcastle upon Tyne University say their technique will help lead to new treatments for infertility.But critics warn that it sidelines men and raises the prospect of babies being born through entirely artificial means.

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2 thoughts on “Men Rendered Obsolete

  1. I think that the critics are forgetting that the old-fashioned method of fertilization is an enjoyable activity for the majority of heterosexual wanna-be parents. Men aren’t likely to become obsolete to the process any time soon.

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