Giant Shark Freaks Out Oceanographers

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The video of the shark is cool, but to me it’s just a video of a shark. But listen to the commentary and you realize that this is a big deal. Five or six meters long, a head a meter wide, something really interesting about its gill slits. I’m glad these guys are having so much fun!This comes from Deep Sea News

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2 thoughts on “Giant Shark Freaks Out Oceanographers

  1. One thing I noticed was the short rostrum, a primitive trait among sharks. It looks a lot like a bull shark, but with a shorter rostrum, and a thicker body. I’m thinking a new species. Perhaps even a new genus and family.

  2. I’m thinking a new species. Perhaps even a new genus and family.I’m no marine biologist, but from the comments at DSN, it’s a 6-gilled shark. Not especially well-studied, as they’re a deep-water species, but certainly not unknown to science. They’re one of the oldest species of sharks still around.

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