Giant Spider Found on Planet Mercury

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i-a3ecf9e639b53affcf859eb8655ce755-mercury.jpgThis looks like a photograph of a mountain, possibly a volcano, with natural drainage systems emanating from it. But it is not.It is actually a large depression with numerous troughs emanating, perhaps, into it. They can’t be erosional features because that would require some kind of liquid, presumably not available on this planet.This is not the first photograph of a strange thing on the planet Mercury. We need to start doing some ‘splaining.i-0084375835076425b6843d6ad0d87866-Mt_Hood.jpgPictured here is a photo from space of Mt. Hood, near Seattle. You can see a similar pattern, but in reverse. So, I would propose that the “spider” found on Mercury be considered a possible “anti-mountain.”In fact, sources close to NASA/JPL indicate that planetary scientists are searching the vicinity for an Anti-Starbucks.[source]

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7 thoughts on “Giant Spider Found on Planet Mercury

  1. I’m now wondering if the Giant Spider of Mercury is in communication with the somewhat smaller and more animate versions here on Olde Sod: Just after I noticed this item and clicked on it, I glanced down at my printer and noticed that sometime in the last 24h a spider had taken up residence under the control panel. It was sitting there out in the open on a small web.Now I’ve no problems with spiders (or at least with ones which aren’t dangerous to me) inside the house, but decided that wasn’t the best place for one to set up its home, and so brushed the web away. The spider, whom I presumably annoyed, ran inside my printer. The network switch then lit up, and it looked like the printer was exchanging messages with someone&hellip.I’ve got a feeling the next whatever I print might, just might, have a message: Either a Communiqué from the Giant Spider of Mercury, or else a gooey blob looking something rather like this image….

  2. blf:… don’t … print … anything. Very, very quietly and as though nothing is wrong, pretend you are leaving the house to purchase some milk or something, and call this number from a phone booth:729-262-5436Ask for Scully. Explain your situation. Remain calm.Billy: To me, the North West is all one giant tree covered rainy place that I’ve never been to. I assume there are starbucks everywhere. (Is this not true?) Plus, Mt Hood looked more like the Spider than Rainer.

  3. No: now that we surmise there is sodium in the Mercurial atmosphere, we can safely guess its actually the one hole left on that big round salt shaker that hasn’t been plugged up yet

  4. This article is weird. Life on other planets have been studied since. So is there life on planet Mercury? 😀

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