Florida Yahoos Acting Out Against Evolutionary Biology

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I wish we had more details of this story, but this is what we know so far:

The Lafayette County School Board unanimously adopted a resolution in protest of a proposed Florida Department of Education revision of the science portion of the Sunshine State Standards at a special meeting on Jan. 25.According to Fred Ward, Lafayette County superintendent of schools, FDOE is considering new standards which would make the teaching of evolution mandatory in every school and to disallow the teaching of any other explanation about how the earth, universe, and man came into existence.”The new Sunshine State Standards for Science no longer present evolution as theory but as scientific fact,” Robert Koon, chairperson, said.[source]

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7 thoughts on “Florida Yahoos Acting Out Against Evolutionary Biology

  1. chris: I am really getting sick of people not understanding what theory and fact mean.

    Particularly since the draft standards refer to evolution as a “concept”, carefully avoiding the word “fact”. Nonetheless, all (sfaik) of the protesting resolutions attack the standards for calling it a fact.Every irony meter in the state is broken.

  2. How exactly do you get on a School Board? Do you have to take some sort of test and fail by a suitably large margin? 🙂

  3. “no longer present evolution as theory but as scientific fact”what a novel idea that must be, down there in the Everglades, which is crawling with some of the earths last surviving dinosaurs… the creationists

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