Sadie and the Heckler

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[Thanks, Analiese, The Anthropologist]

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2 thoughts on “Sadie and the Heckler

  1. I first saw this little clip of Sadie’s book report in a CNN bit on the presidential campaigns, which was one thing, then noticed when watching it again how much the heckler’s voice sounded like my little brother’s (and maybe some others), this time identifying completely with the child’s frantic moment of needing to address the intended insult but also wanting to just read her book, and then I got to thinking about the time my little sister came home from pre-school saying that someday she was gonna be five and be a boy…and now there’s confirmation in the news of (what was it you wrote? ‘Rowdy and drunken’ something ‘in the cage’?) Tatiana’s (“the tiger”) having been heckled.It what other way could she equally say: NO! I AM, I am a tiger.Tragic though it was, all around.Reminds me I have an art book to show you from Como…

  2. Ana,When I first watched this clip I thought “Wow, a home movie of Ana on You Tube” … I guess I was not completely wrong!If you go to You Tube and watch that clip, the other clips that show up in the column of related material on the right side of the site include a series of comedians and politicians dealing with hecklers. In most cases, the pattern is the same, as you so viscerally describe it.

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