Political Misgivings

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Fleeing Ron Paul:

I’m out of the Ron Paul campaign …He does not believe in Evolution! If there was ever a time we need science to solve our problems of energy resources and climate control it is 2009! … He was my last chance at returning to the GOP.

Yet another story of a rino fleeing the herd once they get the full story! Sandra’s BlogRomney Tied to Global Warming Denier Group

Aides and staffers of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney are listed among the principals of a new Astroturf group set up last fall to deny the science of global warming.The new group advertises itself as the American Environmental Coalition – “working to keep America beautiful, strong and prosperous.” But the sole focus of its expensive website is to question the science of climate change.As for its outreach activities, the AEC seems intent only on attacking Romney’s presidential competitor John McCain, the Republican candidate with the best record on responding to climate change.

Details here, at desmogblog.com

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