Kansans Are Pro Environment, Kansas Legislators Don’t Get It

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Analyze Everything keeps an eye on energy policy in Kansas, and is happily reporting the following:

Not only did the Kansas Department of Health and the Environment make Kansas the first state to deny the construction of a new power plant based solely on greenhouse emissions, it turns out Kansans are totally on-board.

This is based on a poll showing that 62% of Kansans agree with this policy decision.In contrast, Republican State Senate President Ste Morris’s reaction was “I just can’t imagine that would be an accurate poll … Virtually everyone I’ve talked to has been concerned about the decision.”Who is he talking to? Read all about it here.

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One thought on “Kansans Are Pro Environment, Kansas Legislators Don’t Get It

  1. Well Mr. Morris, its likely that the reason the people you talk to are “concerned” about the decision is that you only talk to people you know agree with you, rather than to a diverse group representative of the citizens whose interests you presumably represent. This reflects poorly on your public service.

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