KDE 4.0

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KDE 4.0 is upon us. I believe it is essentially out there, being tested and messed with, with the final launch etc. happening in a few weeks (mid January).KDE is a Window Manager (no “s” in that Window, please note) for Linux. I’m not big on KDE myself, but my daughter uses it.KDE 4.0, compared with earlier versions, will have more stuff, be flashier, etc. etc. etc. as we would expect. And, it will use about 30% less memory.Oh, and have you heard that Vista Service Release 1.1 is going to reduce the memory load of Windows Vista by 4%? No, you haven’t heard that? Well, of course not, because no one ever said it, and it is never going to happen!!!Oh, wait, did I say KDE was going to have 30% less memory demand? Ooops, I messed up. It’s actually 40% less memory! Imagine that.Details here.

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6 thoughts on “KDE 4.0

  1. “KDE is a Window Manager”!!!I’m surprised that you wrote that. KDE obviously contains a window manager, but generally speaking, it’s called a desktop environment because it contains a file manager and other amenities that make it much easier to use than, say, TWM or even Window Maker, which are only window managers.I thought that you were enough of an old hand at Linux that this would have been obvious.

  2. JJ: Why do you always have to be such a judgmental ass? Oh, right, you’re an engineer.I chose window manager over desktop (as terms) because a) it is true … that is the main thing KDE does, and the other parts can be swapped in and out without it not being KDE and b) I am trying to avoid confusion. 90% of the people reading this post either i) already know what KDE is or ii) think a desktop is something other than what KDE and Gnome are.

  3. Uffda… more with the engineers…I just drank a cup of coffee. That does not mean that I drank all the coffee.KDE is [blablabla] for Linux != KDE is a [blablabla] that runs ONLY on Linux.So, !Wrong …!So, I have a friend who claims that whenever he wakes up in the morning, he holds up his two fingers on each hand, arms up in the air, and flexes the fingers in unison like he is making “air quotes.” This, the, applies to everything he says all day long.If we always have to specify which flavor of *nix perfectly matches our utterance when talking about software, we will always be writing errata. So, when I get up in the morning, I flex my fingers to mean “In some cases when mentioning “Linux” what I say may or may not apply to other similar systems such as Unix, and so on”OKAY?Jeezzzz…

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