A True Linux Hero

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Robin ‘Roblimo’ Miller writes:

I’ve been hearing the phrase “This is the year of the Linux desktop” for 10 years. For me, it’s been a true statement for each of those years, because GNU/Linux has been my primary desktop operating system since 1997. But for most people around the world, this is the year of the the Windows desktop, same as it was last year and the year before. But if we each spent one day telling others about GNU/Linux, could we make a difference in the lives of at least a few people? I think so. That’s why I’m promising — right here and right now — to spend at least one day in the next three months handing out free GNU/Linux install CDs, and why I invite you to join me in this effort.[source]

Hey, I may start doing that too. In fact, I’ll start now.Here, this is for you, friend.

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6 thoughts on “A True Linux Hero

  1. Ha! I love Ubuntu! It’s so cool, nothing like wobbly windows. My girlfriend loves it because she’s one of those people who just have to tweak _everything_ on their computer.And she loves fspot, she’s going through her massive photo collection tagging stuff =)

  2. I love that idea and will add to it by saying not only will I give a CD (or download link) to others. But I will also give Linux advice as needed and give out any of my other tips as well.It’s not just enough to give someone the means to install Linux, we need to give them some tools as well to make it easy.Greg, what do you think about creating a collaborative Linux tips project or sumptin?

  3. Yeah, except it’s not, not just yet, for those of us who use MS Outlook/Exchange.Believe me, I want to switch, and every time a new release comes out, I spend a while reading reviews and through support forums. I always decide it’s just not quite ready.

  4. I love Ubuntu… I’ve had it since 7.04 came out. I was worried that it wouldn’t be compatible with enough of the stuff I need for school. OpenOffice has some really annoying glitches (ie .ppt compatibility), and if I wasn’t at least somewhat computer saavy, I would have felt like… well, like the average windows user feels all the time!But I gotta admit I’m scared to upgrade to 7.10, I need my computer to work reliably and I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about upgrades bombing. Until I get some more confidence in the process… I’m sticking with Feisty.I think I’ll burn some Ubuntu CDs and hand them out too. Excellent idea…

  5. Mac: I think most of the horror stories aren’t related to losing data, but that’s always a possibility with any OS upgrade, but rather the install tanks and has to be installed from scratch. I upgraded my system and it worked flawlessly. But my fiance’s laptop tanked and I had to do a fresh install.If you are going to install from scratch I would like to give you one recommendation. Separate your root “/” and home “/home” by putting them on different partitions. If this is getting to complicated for you let me know, but by separating the two, if you ever reinstall the OS or if the OS crashes and you need to reinstall, your personal settings, and files stored in “/home” (including the Desktop) will not be lost.If you want more help email me at webs05 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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