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Can Christmas Lights Slow Down Wi-Fi Speed?

No. Lights of the christmas tree interfering with The Force, not likely.

Well, OK, if all the people in the united states gathered into one state, the gravitational effects of all those bodies in one place would be detectable by the ultra sensitive GRACE satellite system. And, any electronic device that is running, including light bulbs or just wires carrying alternating current, put EMF out into the air, and potentially, this energy could interfere with other EMF energy such as what your wifi uses.

Overall if your house is full of electronic devices that are running, including multiple wireless/bluetooth transmission systems, then you can have interference. But Christmas lights would be a very small contribution.

Christmas trees, however, do attract electronic devices. Don’t believe me? Put out a Christmas tree. On the morning of December 25th, there will be electronic devices, wrapped in festive paper, gathered around the base of the tree. So, in directly, I suppose there could be an effect…

The only reason I’m mentioning this at all is because it seems to be a question being asked this year. Like this:

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 8.36.02 AM

Part of the War on Christmas, I assume.

Happy Nonnormative Holiday

This is the time of year that everyone sends everyone else those greeting cards made out of your family photos. To some extent it must be true that the images in those photos reify socio-normative standards. The images are iconic of the expectations of what a family looks like, because they are self selected pictures of people’s families spread about in their social milieu.

We always think about doing that but never get to it. We’re bad that way. So, instead, I’ll just send around this video sent to me by MoveOn.org:

Flying Spaghetti Monster Strikes Again!

This time, at the lawn in front of the Leesburg County Court House in Virginia:

Beside a Christmas tree and creche sits a large banner with a nativity scene in which baby Jesus has been replaced by a plate of spaghetti with googly eyes. A crowd that includes pirates and gnomes surrounds Jesus. At the bottom its message reads “Touched by an Angelhair.” The scene is the work of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monsters.

Near the courthouse fence is another display whose sign reads ”Greetings From Your Friendly Local Atheists.” It’s message is about celebrating the Constitution and honoring the separation of church and state.

Elsewhere on the lawn, a skeleton in a Santa suit hangs on a cross.


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“Silent Night” Sung

I had earlier mentioned that Americans United sof Separation of Chruch and State had expressed concern over the singing of the song “Silent Night” in a school Christmas program; Well, the event carried out and the song was sung, and AU has no immediate plans.

Alex Luchenitser, associate legal director for Separation of Church and State, said Monday afternoon the group planned no action against the play, at least not this year.

“Nobody’s planning it at this time,” Luchenitser said. “We had a short time frame to address this, so we only had time to send a letter that we hoped would educate school officials about separation of church and state. We hope in the future they don’t do this again.”

Luchenitser said his group received a local complaint about the song. He said they have a policy against disclosing details about the complaint or revealing the identity of the complainant. Continue reading “Silent Night” Sung

The Nightmare That Was Christmas (Death Never Dies)

I remember it as clearly as if it was yesterday, even though it happened years ago, even before you were born. I screamed silently, pinned on my back by the massive weight of a cotton blanket, legs frozen, the dark lights flickering as the human-like form approached, its arms raised, hands ready to grab, closing in. A strange net-like pattern covering the heartless humanoid shape moved around on its surface like gasoline spreading on a puddle, undulating, letting off light, disintegrating and reforming and making a crackling noise.

rum pum … rum pum … rum pum …

The ever-repeating chant that was once barely audible, then louder, then deafening, is now pounding terribly in my ears and once again, I scream, but it is once again a silent scream and the cotton cloth that covers me once again grows heavy and pins me down.

rum pum … rum pumrum pumRUM PUM

Finally, the creature’s hands come down around my neck and take hold, it’s head, faceless, now pressed against mine and I think it may be growling, but since it has finally grabbed me, and only now, because those are the rules in this particular nightmare, my scream of terror can break loose so it does breaks loose and I cry out …


And I sit up with a start, drenched in sweat, panting heavily, and I can hear adults heading for my room in response to my horrific scream and uncontrolled sobbing.

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And continuing with our theme on The War on Christmas:

The Grinch Until After Christmas

It’s that time of the year once again. Christmas is upon us.

As I sat in a luxury car on a long drive, Christmas music was playing on the car’s stereo. Year after year, the same CD. Always the same 60+ year old songs. I feel as if my life is usually divided into two categories: Christmas music days and non-Christmas music days. One song, I’m supposing, is Alvin and the Chipmunks. The entire damn song, away they sing in an annoying voice, wanting their hula-hoops…

It’s maddening. Simply maddening….

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Bringing the War on Christmas Into your Very Living Room

I did a little (very little, very short) newsroom debate on Fox 9 with a guy named Tom who appears to represent conservative Christians regarding the question of “Does Christmas have place in schools?” I quickly add that even though that was the planned focus of the discussion, it was quickly revised to be “Oh, no, not just Christmas, but Kwanza and Hanuka and stuff too.” That particular bit of backpedaling is, of course, ingenuous and annoying, because nobody from Hanuka or Kwanza is trying to force their religious holidays into public schools, only the conservative Christians. So if we were to have an ecumenical touchy-feelie “all the religions are equal” thing in the schools, you know it would consist mainly of Christmas, a nod to Hanuka, and a few snarky remarks about Kwanza. And it would probably not address in a valid way the 30 million Americans who are basically religon-free. You know this because that is how it always turns out.

Anyway, I have the following thoughts on the issue which run far beyond what Tom and I had time to talk about, and here they are.
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