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Trump The tank Engine Goes Off The Rails

This is how we usher in a new era.

The observant will have noticed that over the last several days, during the closing six weeks of an intense campaign season, I posted as my Facebook banner an image representing each of the United States Presidents, starting with George Washington. There have been several interesting comments and observations made on these images. Special Thanks to Jim Crider, presidential historian, for his added insight on those Facebook posts.

This is the image that follows President Obama:

These are the official face shots of Congresspeople Waters, Sanchez, Conyers, Cummings, Neal, and Schiff. Depending on what happens over the next few weeks, these individuals are likely to be heading up the various committees of the House most directly involved with oversight of the POTUS. The pressure is on, and I’m not convinced Trump will be able to handle it. I thought he might quit the job, or have an aneurism, or something, when he was first elected. But he has remained isolated enough and oblivious enough for that to have not happened. Starting now, or really, when the new Congress is sworn in in January, we can resume the “How Will Trump Leave The White House” Bingo game.

2019 is going to be an interesting year!

The very first thing Trump did after his embarrassing defeat at the ballot box is captured in the following video. This came so close to Trump striding into the press gaggle and socking a reporter with his fist …

Can you imagine a mix of these reporters, a pro-Trump crowd, and this kind of encounter happening all at once?

While we’re at it:

After his ballot box humiliation, Trump loses it.