More news on the Pledge of Allegience

First of all, don’t forget to Demand that the Pledge of Allegiance Not Be Recited in Your Local School.

Ed Brayton has a write-up of the latest news on the Massachusetts lawsuit regarding daily recitation of The Pledge. The key question here is what kinds of pressures exist for students who decide to sit out the Pledge (and this applies to any sort of “not really required” activity).

Michigan Schools Wont Get Pledge Bill Soon

And ottter matters…

The Michigan Legislature was going to consider a bill to force school children to recite a pledge of allegience to the world’s greatest symbol of freedom, and to force schools to display said symbol, the American Flag, or else, but somehow they lost track of the bill and will not be voting on it. I’m not sure what the children of Michigan are going to do in the mean time. Presumably, anarchy will ensue.
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Generation 9/11. History will be embarrassed by us.

A former engineering student, on seeing film of the World Trade Center towers collapse on September 11th, 2001, indicated surprise. He told a friend that he would have thought that on being hit with jumbo jets, the two or three immediately affected floors of the tower would have been destroyed but the structures would probably remain standing, or at most the floors above the impact sites could possibly collapse due to melting support beams but the lower floors would stand. The complete collapse, above and below the impact sites, of both of the structures was a surprise to him, given his engineering training.

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Demand that the Pledge of Allegiance Not Be Recited in Your Local School

It is the first or second week of class in most US schools, and this is when students, parents, and teachers find out what’s new. One of the things being added in schools around the country this year, as has been the case several years running, is the requirement that the Pledge of Allegiance be recited in class every morning, or in some cases, weekly. You can work against letting this happen in your local school.

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