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Greek Nazi MP Violently Assaults Fellow MP on TV

Golden Dawn is the Greek Political party that is widely considered to be a modern Nazi party. They took a handful of seats in recent elections. You will remember that I helped to support petitions to close down the Golden Dawn web site, not because I wanted to “violate their first amendment rights” but because their party and their web site advocated violence against “immigrants” and others with whom they disagree. And, because they are Nazis. Personally, I’m not that big on protecting the rights of Nazis. Or, perhaps I should refer to what a friend of mine who is a political activist here in the Twin Cites, and who happens to be Jewish, said to me last night: “Afford them the rights that they would afford you.” Anyway, there were those in Greece who, alarmed at my activism against the Nazis, investigated me, and seeing various links between me, Harvard, the Masons, the Illuminati, and so on, decided that I am the Anti-Christ. (Again, referring to my activist friend, “Well, you do fit the profile…” But I digress….)

Anyway, now we have further evidence of the Nazis being just plain bad. Several hours ago, on morning TV ANT1, Golden Dawn/Nazi MP Ilias Kasidiaris punched out MP Liana Lanelli. Watch: Continue reading Greek Nazi MP Violently Assaults Fellow MP on TV

Freedom of speech means sometimes you shut up

There have been a lot of discussions lately about freedom of speech. Some of this has centered around the question: Are we hurting the Nazis (Golden Dawn) in Greece by signing and circulating a petition to ask WordPress to take down their web site? (More on this below, there have been interesting developments.) What about (intentionally) offensive comedians, hired to perform at conventions and conferences? Are we right to get mad at the organizers for organizing that, or do we just assume that somebody out there finds it funny, so we should just back off and maybe go sit by the pool for a while or something? (You need to know what satire is to really understand.)

Often, people jump into any discussion where it looks like speech is being questioned, silenced, affected in any way, dare I say ‘repressed,’ with strong admonitions that at all costs one must not interfere with anyone’s freedom of expression. Those who jump in first and hardest are often lost causes. No amount of discussion, no slew of examples, no pile of evidence, no plethora of historical facts will talk them down from the position that all speech must be protected at all times no matter what the speech is, who is saying it, the context in which it is said, its consequences, how it is being “said,” or anything. Not only that, but that which damages or represses speech is generally over-defined to include any call for putting a lid of any kind on any thing.

Those people, with their blind rage against repression, need to do one thing: Shut up. Continue reading Freedom of speech means sometimes you shut up