Why is a single veteran voting for Trump?

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23 thoughts on “Why is a single veteran voting for Trump?

  1. Another made up story that will be a coordinated point of attack for the media for awhile, then forgotten as its debunked. At least with the fish food he really dropped the food.

    Are the polls that bad that they are running with this now?

    1. MikeN adopting RickA’s mantle.

      Another made up story

      Meanwhile with the Trumpista campaign:

      Donald Trump’s presidential re-election campaign has repeatedly produced manipulated online content over the past week.

      The Trump campaign published a set of Facebook ads that featured the president’s Democratic rival Joe Biden looking older than the 77-year-old former vice-president is. The ads fall in line with one of the president’s favorite attack lines for Biden: that he’s too old and infirm to run for president. (Trump is 74 years old.)


  2. No reason to think this is made up (unless you’re in the habit of lying for trump). He said the same things in public about McCain

    1. Just people trying to imitate Trump. Team Biden has a whole bunch of these coordinated and ready to launch. Jeb Bush saved Trump by leaking the Access Hollywood tape. Team Hillary was planning to bring out the accusers then the tape as ‘proof’.

      This one is even being disowned by your new buddy John Bolton.

    2. Of course he said it. It’s the source that these new ‘anonymous sources’ are using for their current madeup quotes.

  3. You must remember that Trump is not stupid, but he is deeply ignorant. Intellectually lazy. His knowledge of history, geography, science, heck even politics and economics, stink. He says outrageous and unintentionally funny things because of his ignorance. Biden is showing clear signs of dementia, but he is not ignorant – Trump is just a profoundly ignorant individual. He was mollycoddled by his father and sheltered from any kind of scrutiny. Examples of his deeply rooted ignorance abound. In the past week alone Trump has tweeted nine – yes nine – conspiracy theories. The sad thing is that Trump’s ignorance appeals to his base, many of whom are similarly deeply ignorant. To be honest, given his utterly abominable handling of the pandemic, starting with his assault on the CDC and FDA, it is a wonder that 10% of the population support the most utterly incompetent POTUS in US history (by quite some margin). The good news is that the RNC and unrest in Portland and Kenosha have not helped Trump at the polls as his base had hoped. This is despite the fact that Trump is deliberately inciting violence with his rhetoric to wind up the extreme right while blaming Antifa or BLM. At this point in 2016, Clinton was only around 3% ahead of Trump in the polls. Biden retains a 7% lead. Let’s hope intelligence and integrity prevails.

  4. MikeN

    …current madeup quotes

    Oh the level of irony breaks the irony meter again.

    The Atlantic magazine published a story which described how Trump said he cancelled a visit to pay respects at an American military cemetery outside Paris in 2018 because he thought the dead soldiers were “losers” and “suckers”. Other outlets confirmed the news and detailed more incidents of Trump’s insulting attitude to American soldiers.

    Among those was the Fox News national security correspondent, Jennifer Griffin, who confirmed in a Twitter thread that Trump called soldiers “suckers”, had questioned why anyone would want to become a soldier and had not wanted to honor war dead at the Aisne-Marne cemetery in France.

    Amid furious denials of the story from the White House and Trump allies, Griffin’s reporting probably touched a nerve as it came from the usually reliably pro-Trump Fox News, whose conservative leanings and pro-Trump opinion show hosts are reliable cheerleaders for the president.

    Trump calls for Fox News journalist to be fired for report on war dead scandal

    Not that this will make a jot of difference to the warped belief systems of our pair of clown-shoes.

  5. Trump and his klepto-fascist regime continue their massive assault on nature. Early this year, laws protecting wetlands in the western US were gutted – a move that profoundly threatens rivers, lakes, pond habitats and their biodiversity west of the Mississippi River. In June, citing the national economic emergency, Trump ordered agencies to waive rules protecting biodiversity and their habitats. This was just another sneaky way of ratcheting down laws implemented over the past half century by both parties in a bipartisan effort to conserve and protect the national treasures in the country. The true beneficiaries are the corporations and developers who will profit through environmental de-regulation.

    More recently, Trump has instructed the EPA to redefine what constitutes a habitat -something the agency has never done in its 50 year existence. This has shocked NGOs and conservation groups who say that bringing this provision into the endangered species act will undoubtedly make it harder to protect endangered, threatened and vulnerable species. The new definition will especially impact species on the brink in the southeastern US such as the red wolf and the red-cockaded woodpecker. I was personally privileged in 2001 to see a red-cockaded woodpecker in Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge in Mississippi. Less than 10,000 remain, and their numbers continue to decline. Once found from the Gulf states to Maryland, southern Ohio and Illinois, they are now only found in fragments of loblolly pine habitat in a few southeastern states. For Trump and his anti-environmental regime, all of nature is expendable if it interferes with the maximization of corporate profit.

    Trump has wrecked the EPA and is doing the same to various acts that protect nature and biodiversity in the US. To show you what an absolute joke the EPA has become under coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler, the agency video on climate change is written and presented by climate science denier Richard Lindzen.

    That anybody votes for Trump and his party of repugnant scum reveals more about the dumbing down of the US electorate.

  6. If you want to believe Jeffrey Goldberg and his anonymous sources, note that previously Dick Cheney and others were citing Jeffrey Goldberg’s articles to sell war with Iraq, many using ‘anonymous sources inside the administration’. This one was the most effective, and didn’t even have anonymous sources.

    Here’s Goldberg’s defense.

  7. The second piece MikeN linked to by Goldberg is comedy gold. Hard to believe that after all of the pretexts the war party used to illegally invade Iraq were shown to be serial lies, there was still a last-ditch effort by him to somehow like Al Queda with Saddam Hussein in order to offer a tiny hope of vindication for the ‘supreme international crime’ (Nuremberg Code, UN Charter) of aggression. This risible defense article by Goldberg is better left dead and buried. This should have killed his journalistic career, just as it did for Judith Miller and her supine channeling of propaganda from Cheney in the NYT. Indeed, there has not been a US-waged war in the last 50 years that the NYT hasn’t supported (they were even on the fence over Grenada). Leading up to the Iraq war not a single NYT editorial mentioned the UN Charter, the Nuremburg Code or indeed international law. Indeed, the western corporate-state media across the board was gung-ho for the invasion. According to the Glasgow University Media Group, no broadcaster was more pro-war than the BBC. A parade of necons was interviewed in the lead up to the invasion, with critics like former senor Unscom inspector Scott Ritter nowhere in sight.

    Goldberg glosses over the fact that Al Queda has always been bitterly opposed to secular nationalist leaders like Saddam Hussein and Assad. His pieces are, like Miller’s, just purely garbage journalism. Innuendo and small rumors are treated as fact. More ironically, they omit the well-proven fact that the United States and Great Britain have frequently armed, aided and abetted radical Islamic movements when it has been in their political and economic interests to do so. British journalist Mark Curtis even wrote a well-referenced and documented book about it.

    ISIL even emerged from the ashes of the Iraq War, as many Ba’athists, deposed from power, morphed into the terrorist organization. And of course it was Brezinski and his now infamous ‘Afghan trap’ with CIA training and funding that created Al Queda in the first place. The mujahadeen were used to give the Soviet Union its own Viet Nam war, but the monster created by the CIA slipped the leash.

  8. As Aaron Mate says on Twitter, the Dems need only focus on Trump’s totally abominable handling of the pandemic as well as the utter lie that he would ‘drain the swamp’ to have a strong platform on which to defeat him. Given his pathological narcissism, nothing he is quoted as saying would surprise me, but I would not focus on his supposed Russian links or on this alleged comment because these are likely to backfire. Goldberg’s record as a journalist is wafer thin. Again, Trump has turned his Party over to the corporate elites and there are volumes of evidence to prove it. In doing so, he is shafting the electorate including his base. If the Dems hammer this message home, along with the 190,000 mostly avoidable deaths caused by Covid-19, they can boot the orange stain out in November.

  9. Fewer and fewer veterans are voting for Trump.

    “But the Military Times Polls, surveying active-duty troops in partnership with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University, have seen a steady drop in troops’ opinion of the commander in chief since his election four years ago.”


    Note carefully: a steady decline over four years. But of course Trump’s latest goofs — making the VOA partisan, moving to cancel Stars and Stripes — havent helped.

    1. Donald Trump Jr., what a shallow jerk.

      He could well have more skeletons in the closet that all of those he so thoughtlessly mocks. His arrogant stance and face tells that he thinks he is untouchable.

  10. MikeN is so slavishly supportive of private bone spurs that he cannot believe his hero would refer to military personnel as ‘losers’. Yet it is a word that Trump has literally used thousands of times to describe people he doesn’t like. It is, as one person who knows him said, in keeping with his vile character. Of course he said it. Just like he called poverty-ridden nations in Latin America and Africa ‘shitholes’ and how he described Puerto Rico being full of ‘poor, dirty people’ as a reason for wanting to trade it for Greenland.

    Trump is both a national disgrace and a national embarrassment. However, to his base, he can do no wrong no matter what he says or does. This is largely because in Trump’s loathsome character, many of them see a reflection of themselves. In this way they feel exonerated, possibly even elated. If sexist, misogynistic, borderline racist scum like Trump can become President, then this is some sort of vindication of his persona, and of them.

    1. Many trump supporters deny his bike actions. Just look at the number of them who say he never mocked Serge Kovaleski

    2. Funny how bone spurs gets mentioned all the time, but until last week I had never heard of Biden’s asthma that kept him out, but he still played football.

      ‘never mocked Serge Kovaleski’
      never mocked his handicap. Trump has used this hand waving to mock lots of people, including in the same speech talking about ‘the generals’. There is video of him with Larry King in the 80s, where he does the same while mocking himself.

      If someone wanted to make fun of the reporter for his handicap, he would have to do it differently, as this reporter’s particular handicap means he doesn’t move his arms much.
      It was just media fake news to make it look like cerebral palsy or something.

    3. And one of the resident trump supporting assholes comes in a cue to lie and say trump never mocked the handicapped reporter, despite it being done live and widely broadcast.

      Very clear demonstration of how far these lowlifes will go to deny reality.

  11. Asthma comes and goes mikeN, episodes can be unpredictable. When you don’t have one activity is fine (there are some strains where activity increases the chance of an episode, but that isn’t the case with Biden). The reason the military gives deferments for people with asthma is precisely that aspect: a soldier cannot say during battle “Hold up, I need to use my inhaler”. Leaving a football game is quite possible.

    On the other hand, bone spurs serious enough to get you out of the military would not just go away so you could play tennis or any other sport, but that’s what the criminal in chief would have people believe.

    Your attempt at “what aboutism” is as full of shit as every other “fact” you raise.

    If the criminal in c

  12. Whether or not he mocked Kovaleski (and it sure looked like it) Trump’s behaviour was childish and puerile. Again, it appeals to his base, most of whom exhibit similar, infantile traits and see Trump’s appalling behavior in themselves. As for Biden exempting himself from military duty, at least he is smart enough not be ridiculing veterans. Trump chickens out and then brazenly smears them.

    But, MikeN, I have already explained why Trump and the Republican Party are abominable a million times. They are an extreme corporate-controlled party that are looting the Treasury and pushing for the evisceration of laws and regulations enacted over the past 50 years to protect human health and the environment. This is being done to further enrich the elites. Andrew Wheeler has already said that if Trump wins another term he will continue with his de-regulation of environmental regulations and eventual destruction of the EPA. Pathetic.

    That is enough for me.

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