The limit I place on your yammering

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You know who you are. This may or may not be for you, but if it is not, feel free to pass on to others who are, well, asking to be told off in this particular manner.

I don’t have time or energy to deal with individuals who do not get the fact that you fight for your most bestest beloved ideal candidate in the primaries, then drop that fetish and get behind the one picked by the majority of people in your party, then work just as hard for that one.

Working less hard for that one is OK as long as you don’t constantly whine about it, or otherwise hurt the candidate chosen by the majority. Anything short of that is your own little world of fascism, where your idea is the only valid idea and the majority does not rule. That is unacceptable.

Conspiracy theory or other made up crap to justify your inappropriate position by saying it wasn’t really majority rule, the system is rigged, is also not acceptable. The process is designed openly and by people just as committed to a better world as you are. If you want the process to be different, get involved. If you think that cant work, buy me a beer after the plague is over and I’ll spend a few hours going over how I and others have in fact changed the system by getting involved, in our own ways, in a consensus building grass roots process. But probably, if this message really is for you, you won’t survive in a consensus building grass roots process anyway.

The good news: The sense that the system is rigged against you, and that your minority view is the one everyone else should adopt, eventually goes away as you mature. There is always that.

That is all.

PS, yes, the title of this post is designed to annoy you, just for fun.

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7 thoughts on “The limit I place on your yammering

  1. US American really needs to get with the plan that Australia has, and instigate nation-wide preferential (ranked) voting. A whole lot of pain suddenly goes away, and people can vote with their conscience as well as with strategy. And it’s effectly valid multiple voting – anyone’s nuts to turn down that opportunity. All the better if it’s partial preferential, so that whiners can’t complain about being forced to vote for people they don’t like.

    Election funding… well, you know what’s in that can of maggots.

    And then do something about the outright propagandistic lying in campaigns. A real democracy shouldn’t need the ruinous landscape of propaganda and deception that characterises the US scene – it should be able to function on truth and rational debate and the capacity of informed voters to make a reasoned decision. Oh yes, I know “but Republicans”, but a system that is so warped by deception isn’t really a democracy, it’s a charade in which the populace gets to participate as extras… if they so choose.

    Oh, and that reminds me – mandatory voting hasn’t yet killed or maimed any Australians…

    1. I agree, but there is this one problem…

      We don’t have a national election. There is no vote taken in the US for a national office, so there is no possibility of a national ranked choice vote.

    2. I totally agree with what Greg is saying – but would say it differently.

      Each state has its own election for the national office of President. So the rank choice would only apply within a single state as to President.

      Senator and Representative are not national, but are really state offices at the Federal level.

  2. Unless I’m wrong, Australia’s ranked voting system fails both the Condorcet criterion and the Monotonicity criterion.

    1. It’s not perfect, but Australia doesn’t let that be the enemy of the good. And I say this as a voter whose preferences have suffered under the system. Yes, I’d like it better, but I’d rather have this than most other countries’ systems.

      The other point is that we have the capacity, albeit one with inertia, to review and update if there is a perceived need:

  3. what i have been posting : yeah- i am very bummed. And no- i don’t think it was a rigged game- more like a systemic flaw that keeps allowing huge influence by corporate and tycoon wealth. But here’s the deal- we have pushed the Dems left- the discussions re Green New Deal, M4A, income inequality, voter suppression would not have happened without Bernie rallying so many to the cause. …..There is a lot of nuanced stuff to unwind- Unions afraid their own golden health plans would be jeporadized , youth apathy, middle class anxiety over tax increases , the old “estate tax BS” etc. Remember- we a trying to undo multiple decades of hate talk radio and now Qanon and whatever bots are all over the net- the only party that speaks to our commonalities is the Dems….to sit this out is to give power to those that bully and harass any they deem “different” , who deny the science of climate crisis and who are tearing apart every single protection we or nature or the environment has enjoyed….please- vote Blue – all the way down…..

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