When to the 2020 Democratic Nomination Polls come out?

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By day of week. At least lately, mid week, especially Wednesday, as per this:

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2 thoughts on “When to the 2020 Democratic Nomination Polls come out?

  1. You should take the findings of any one poll with a grain of salt — let alone, a survey prepared by an ideologically-motivated outfit that produces results conducive to said outfit’s ideological goals. Data For Progress has earned a degree of trust: It does not disguise its agenda, and regularly publishes poll results that are unkind to its own policy recommendations. There’s no reason to believe that it jerry-rigged its sample. But it did ostensibly draw an unusually unfavorable one for the Democratic Party. Part of the discrepancy can be attributed to the fact that DFP provided respondents with the option of “someone else,” while most other pollsters don’t offer such an out. But the gap between Biden’s initial lead here (0.2 percent) and his Biden’s average lead in 2020 hypotheticals (8.7) is quite large.

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