Biden, Sanders, Harris, Warren, Are All About The Same

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How does this sound? In a two person race (among Democrats and LD’s),

Biden 43%
Sanders 41%

(statistical tie)

Biden 41%
Harris 38%

(statistical tie)

Sanders 42%
Harris 37%

(that may be statistically significant, but just barely)

Sanders 37%
Warren 40%

(statistical tie)

Conclusion: Among these front runners, they are all about the same, among Democrats, nationally. Note that recent polls showing Biden with a huge lead are all, as far as I know, among the First Four contests.


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4 thoughts on “Biden, Sanders, Harris, Warren, Are All About The Same

  1. I wonder how accurate these polls are?

    The recent Aussie election which, sadly, very much went against what the polling said would happen shows that polls can be highly unreliable.

    How about Pete Buttigieg here? Is he approaching front-runner status now too or is he still very much a dark horse metaphorically speaking?

    Also that “dark horse”expression – where does it actually arise from (beyond just horse racing / gambling) and why would dark horses be special in this regard?

  2. Maybe the CNN newsroom could set up bleachers for all the Dem. hopefuls and host a town hall. I’m familiar with the four you mentioned….only vaguely wiith the others.

    Honestly, I wish someone like Don Lemon or Erin Burnett would run. Smart, articulate, formidable in a debate.

  3. Consider this list: Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry, Hillary.

    Charisma is hard to define, but in my opinion was lacking in all five. “Robotic” comes to mind. Don’t get me wrong, they would have made far better presidents than their opponents (one of those big rocks would be an improvement over what we have now), but first you have to get there.

    Kennedy, Clinton and Obama had it. Should be a requirement for whomever we nominate in 2020.

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