No, it is NOT rational to keep flying the Boeing 737 Max

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Boeing 737 Max:

-First commercial flight May 2017

-First fatal crash October 2018

-Second fatal crash March 2019

Both fatal crashes were attended by a nose-down response by auto-pilot right after takeoff.

The same nose-down response by auto-pilot was reported many times (dozens?) by pilots for months.

Boeing has a software fix that changes the way autopilot handles incorrect nose-down responses with autopilot. The software fix (delayed by the Trump-McConnell shutdown) is still not ready yet.

This is the highest rate of crashes or fatalities of any single model of commercial airline. Maybe. I haven’t checked, but it’s gotta be or close, anyway.

Response by Hyper-skeptical skeptics: “Air travel is safe, so this is not actually a problem, don’t ground the flights.”

Response by the idiots who run the Trump administration: “Everything is fine, don’t worry about it.”

Response by every other country in the world, practically, “Out of an abundance of caution, ground the planes until this is figured out”

Response by the air flight industry and regulators when the b787 dreamliners had unexpected unexplained problems: Ground all the planes and fix the problem.

Response when SW planes discovered to have inadequate inspections: Ground the plains and fix the problem

Response when BQ400s have landing gear problem a couple of times (2007): Ground the plane until it is addressed.

In other words, the NORMAL response to this sort of situation is to ground the model. This is THE REASON AIR TRAVEL IS SAFE. Air travel is not inherently and automatically safe. It is safe because when a model aircraft if considered POTENTIALLY FAULTY in some serious way it is grounded until that problem is addressed.

Finally, after everybody else grounded the plane, the Trump administration FOLLOWS.

I’m sure the hyper-skeptics are still saying it is irrational to ground the 737Max planes.

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2 thoughts on “No, it is NOT rational to keep flying the Boeing 737 Max

  1. Clearly made in a rush ( I think it was the right move), but weird: Trump and government agencies say they made the decision, Boeing says it did ( and ordered all of them everywhere grounded). The data Canada and others handed over must be pretty damning.

  2. “The software fix (delayed by the Trump-McConnell shutdown) is still not ready yet.”

    So, hissy fits of a man-child president cost lives, who would have thought it.

    Boeing has history with errant code from e.g. subcontractors as is realised by those who have followed the Mull of Kintyre Chinook 2 crash investigations and literature – trouble with authenticating FADEC software. There were other Boeing quality control issues with hardware though.

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