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I just upgraded this site to WordPress 5.01. (I waited out 5.o.) I am now faced with an editor that is not text based and does not give me access to my HTML codes. Instead, it uses this thing called “blocks.”

A block can be an image, like this image I’m putting here right now. That was actually fairly cool, because it allowed me to use dragging to size the “block” (image with caption, in this case) precisely where I wanted it to be. I wonder if I can insert a link in a caption? If so, I’d like to do so in order to point to the kind of post where this sort of on the fly real time WYSIWYG editing would be helpful, here: STEM Holiday Gifts for Kids!

I just finished inserting that graphic of the unhappy Wall Street stockbroker guy (to the right) and if you look at the caption, you’ll see that there is a link in the caption. That was actually difficult to do in the older version of WordPress, so I like that.

I wonder what other kinds of blocks there are? Let’s see.


There are (see above) headings. Those are blocks.

It is said that a quote can be put in a block. It is a block quote.

There is a plugin that allows you to go back to the old style of editor. I’ll probably install that to see how it works, but this “Gutenberg” editor, as it is called, seems cool. I’m a very text-oriented writer, but this is not bad. We’ll see.

Next task, if I can get it to work: Make comments editable for you, dear readers, a commonly requested feature.

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6 thoughts on “Blocks is the new HTML

  1. As one who only proofs after I click a button it would be great to edit. On the other hand, I like the permanence of controversial comments that can’t be edited/deleted, so I’m conflicted. I guess that the latter can be addressed by screen captures…

    1. Will tags still work now? Well here is a test:

      I like the permanence of controversial comments that can’t be edited/deleted, so I’m conflicted.

      I am with you there. If whoever doesn’t like how it looks afterwards then they should think carefully before hitting ‘Post Comment’.

  2. Yes! Editable comment would be really wonderful – thankyou.

    (Sorry but I do suck at typing and its so easy to not see things until after ‘submit’ has been clicked.)

  3. I’m going to do it, I am just waiting for the ideal plugin to settle down into the current version of WordPress, which I think is happening quickly.

  4. I recently had to add some stuff to the blog at work – first time I’ve used WP since I shut down my blog years ago – imagine my confusion 🙂

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