Build Miniature Cities with LEGO

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LEGO Micro Cities: Build Your Own Mini Metropolis! is a LEGO building idea book that provides a macro number of examples of building buildings, or other structures using a very small number of bricks. It is like the N-guage of LEGO. This is sort of the opposite of the LEGO idea book I recently reviewed, The LEGO Architecture Idea Book, because the latter is for large scale, and the former for very tiny scale.

Author Jeff Friesen is a famous LEGO builder, and a photographer, who tweets at @jeff_works.

You get an idea of how to build skyscraper, bridges, public transit elements, and tightly packed downtown zones. There are suggestions for how to build the geology that underlies the buildings and other infrastructure. And the subways.

The author suggests where to buy bricks, including used bricks that work just fine. But you can also use the bricks you have, and modify the design. Or, really, use the gestalt to become a better creator of your own entirely novel things, which I think is the real purpose of all this sort of book. Theory.

This is a fun book, and great holiday gift to accompany a LEGO building set.

Now in Kindle, Soon in Print:

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