2 thoughts on “Carl Sagan’s Demons

  1. I tried a few days ago and it was $14.95. Too bad.

    The full price is typical of all too many Amazon kindle books. Often more expensive than a good used “real” book and sometimes even more than a new “real” book. Proofreading is sometimes not very good either. I’d guess that there’s no human reader involved.

  2. More options…
    Public and school libraries.
    New and used bookshops.
    Asking a friend to borrow their copy for a bit.
    ( lending and borrowing books amongst friends is a highly underrated social thing imo. There’s a particular trust, almost an intimacy, in the process. I’ve got a query for Greg about lending customs he has observed in Africa actually! )

    Or, on the internet… here’s many possibilities in one link. Including a kindle thingy.


    I can’t help but wonder at Ann Druyans omission as coauthor????

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