5 thoughts on “Temperature Anomalies by Country 1880-2017

  1. And cue the resident denialists who will come up with some ill-informed disparagement about why this doesn’t demonstrate anything at all…

    1. This doesn’t demonstrate anything at all.

      What is the anomaly a measure of? Compared to what? What is the variability?

      There’s no context to the pretty colors, therefore there’s no way of serving any meaningful information, other than the inherent bias of the producer of this graphic.

      Go ahead, call me a “denier” and dismiss these simple, basic scientific considerations.

    2. The anomaly is relative to the GISTEMP baseline which is 1951 – 1980. The annual average temperature for that 30 year period (known as a ‘climatology’) is subtracted from the annual average for each year in the time series 1880 – 2017 to create an anomaly.

  2. No Michael, I won’t call you a denier. I never really cared for that word. But I will call you a climate change abnegator. Judging by your picture, you won’t be around to see the worst of what’s headed our way. We are being given a warning by the leading climate scientists. They have amassed a preponderance of evidence that supports their claims. But it’s a warning, not something we can see with our own eyes presently. That’s the problem. There is a very rich and powerful cartel that stands to lose a lot of money if people listen to these scientists. That cartel has seeded the media with a cancerous network of misinformation. Many have fallen prey to those lies. There is a tug of war going on for the hearts and minds of the public concerning climate change. If the scientists are wrong, and we act on their advice, we lose a lot of money. If the scientists are right and we don’t act on their advice, we lose the Earth. If you are a wise man there is only one choice between those two.

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