Logan’s Run

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The book, now on Kindle cheap. You may not remember the movie, but if you do, you probably want the book.

Logan’s Run: Vintage Movie Classics (A Vintage Movie Classic) by William Nolan

The bestselling dystopian novel that inspired the 1970s science-fiction classic starring Michael York, Jenny Agutter, and Richard Jordan.

In 2116, it is against the law to live beyond the age of twenty-one years. When the crystal flower in the palm of your hand turns from red to black, you have reached your Lastday and you must report to a Sleepshop for processing. But the human will to survive is strong—stronger than any mere law.

Logan 3 is a Sandman, an enforcer who hunts down those Runners who refuse to accept Deep Sleep. The day before Logan’s palmflower shifts to black, a Runner accidentally reveals that he was racing toward a goal: Sanctuary. With this information driving him forward, Logan 3 assumes the role of the hunted and becomes a Runner.

Now in Kindle, Soon in Print:

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3 thoughts on “Logan’s Run

  1. The book can be read for free here.


    There are also these things called bookshops
    and libraries with very helpful staff.
    Did they slip your mind Greg when you were looking to promote various ways people could access this sci-fi?
    This continuous reference to this amazon mob in about one in six of your blogs has the strong appearance of shilling.

    1. If what I’m saying isn’t clear, imagine that every time ya visit a mates place they try to sell ya some mlm crap like
      Avon or some shit.
      That’s the appearance Greg, and it’s awfully unbecoming.

  2. Given the penchant for millennials to stay at home until their late 20s or even their 30s, the age of 21 would seem too early to make sense to a new reader of <Logan's Run. As a cohort they simply wouldn’t be able to grok the notion of people achieving significant independent adult life before they had their 21st birthdays.

    They’d have to make it 25, or even 30, if they were to release the book today…

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