USA In Space 2.0

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The next era of Humanned Space Flight will involve NASA trained astronauts leaving the Earth in space ships designed and built by two private corporations, SpaceX and Boeing.

Time to re-read The Man Who Sold The Moon by Robert Heinlein. But I digress.

Today NASA announced the crew of astronauts to be trained for these missions. They will be going to the International Space Station. They are Sunita Williams, Bob Behnken, Doug Hurley and Eric Boe.

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6 thoughts on “USA In Space 2.0

  1. “The next era of Humanned Space Flight will involve NASA trained astronauts”
    Oh for fucks sake.
    Anyone else involved in the next era worthy of mention?
    This exceptionalism is infuriating to read.
    Why only write about what yanks are up too?
    Do you think that’s only what the majority of your readers are interested in?
    It’s an unreasonably limited niche.
    It’s always a bloody surprise when I come across the rare occurance of yanks writing about non yank things in the context of human endeavor.

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