Climate Children Win Again

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The supreme court today unanimously refused to reject a case by a bunch of young folk against the government for letting climate change ruin the future.

The law suit, in essence:

Youth filed their constitutional climate lawsuit, called Juliana v. U.S., against the U.S. government in the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon in 2015. Earth Guardians is also an organizational plaintiff in the case.

Their complaint asserts that, through the government’s affirmative actions that cause climate change, it has violated the youngest generation’s constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property, as well as failed to protect essential public trust resources.

The SCOTUS event that happened today was to say no to an attempt by the defendant to throw the case out. This is probably mostly procedural, but a fair number of law suits are “lost” before they are tried because of such procedures. This is not the first test of this case. The Chldren’s Trust suit has survived previous counters. Read all about it on their site.

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5 thoughts on “Climate Children Win Again

  1. Here is the text of the order:

    The application for stay presented to Justice Kennedy and
    by him referred to the Court is denied.
    The Government’s request for relief is premature and is
    denied without prejudice. The breadth of respondents’ claims is
    striking, however, and the justiciability of those claims
    presents substantial grounds for difference of opinion.
    District Court should take these concerns into account in
    assessing the burdens of discovery and trial, as well as the
    desirability of a prompt ruling on the Government’s pending
    dispositive motions.

    This case does not present a case or controversy for which the courts are the proper forum for a decision. It is a political question best decided by the Congress.

    It should be dismissed.

    I hope the case is dismissed when the lower court takes it up again.

    But we will have to wait to see what happens.

  2. Current generations have the burden of living in an America where the powers that be have blinded themselves to the long range issues of related to radical erratic weather, whether natural or man made, and are putting the entire future of the United States at risk just from that. Current generations with science training and/or access to the internet can clearly see that the evidence for there being dangerous problems with climate change is overwhelming. And yet, the US executive branch is acting as if science is irrelevant, and the only thing that matters in its decisions on climate is that people Russian petro-oligarchs and West Virginia coal barons have a safe market for their planet fucking wares.

    I hope that these kids can keep their case going in the courts until the science and humanity crowd boots the cruelty and stupidity dopes out of office.

  3. Children have become a operational tool for Socshevik
    policies and dogma.

    Yes, grown men sending children into battle, is a
    sure sign that the “war” is an the verge of being

    Danger Will Robinson, danger.!

  4. Socshevik? Really? Is that even a word in English BillyRussia? You really are one of Putin’s Puppies aren’t you!
    A pox on you, on the troll farm you work out of, and on all the low brow idiots who are susceptible to Russian social engineering. A pox on everybody who thinks that burning fossil fuel recklessly, thoughtlessly, and wantonly is anything but an idiot’s game.
    Have a nice evening in St. Petersburg.

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