My blogging at ends now

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From here on out, Greg Laden’s Blog will be here. I’ll be discussing the details on (that podcast will be out in a day or so) and I’ll probably write a blog post here, eventually. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, post them below!

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10 thoughts on “My blogging at ends now

  1. Looking forward to your posts here, though I’ll likely remain mostly a reader and not a commenter. I just subscribed.

  2. Sounds like it could be an interesting story Greg. Does this have anything to do with something you mentioned a few months back about them giving you grief for not confining all your posts to science stuff (or at least I have a memory of reading that but at 68 who knows what tricks my memory can play on me :)?)

  3. Sorry to see that you stop. I think it is a loss. Your blog has been a platform to use the freedom of information, however difficult that has been thanks to the unwillingness of a few to respect one and another. I think this is one of the causes to make a fresh start without those flaws. I thank you for all your information and for offering people all over the world a platform to exchange information and ideas. Great many thanks. I hope we can stay in touch on another platform. I wish you all the best and I give you my brasa, brother. Laren NH, Netherlands, Tuesday 31st October 2017, 10.54 AM DT.

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