When it comes to the energy transition, Governors matter A LOT

I’m in Minnesota, and I’m here to tell you that our governor is pretty good, but he’s retiring. No, not just his personality, he is actually retiring as in not running for re-election. My choice to replace him is Rebecca Otto who has the best energy transition policy bar none.

Find out about the policy here: Rebecca Otto’s Clean Energy Plan for Minnesota
Please go contribute to her campaign HERE.

(Rebecca is also the strongest candidate to run and win in Minnesota.)

But there are some other great-for-energy governors running as well. Get Energy Smart NOW! has information on Ralph Northam, and he is running on a “climate change is real” and “we have to do something about this” platform, against “Enron Ed” Gillespie.

The post is: When it comes to Virginia, being concerned about environment/climate demands vote for Northam. Check it out and find out what a good Virginia governor looks like.

Note, the governor’s race in virginia is old-style. They do it in odd years. So, now. Also, while Northam is leading Enro Ed in the polls, there are experts who believe these polls are off. So, get involved!

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2 thoughts on “When it comes to the energy transition, Governors matter A LOT

  1. but he’s retiring. No, not just his personality

    ‘Minnesota, where the introverts look at their shoes and the extroverts look at your shoes.”
    Tim Bedore, comedian

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