If you were not an opera fan, you will be now, I guarantee it

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I wonder if the original old fashioned operas were like this, about events of their times, and thus engaging and compelling like this one is. Plus, ROFLMAO.

Check it out:

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7 thoughts on “If you were not an opera fan, you will be now, I guarantee it

  1. Once a friend asked me what Opera was about. I said love and hate, lust and affection, violence, loyalty and betrayal, just like now.
    Fits, yes?
    Thanks for pointing this out, I loved it!

  2. Ugo@4: Not really. Most of it is either Italianized English or words that are obviously cognate. They define the handful of exceptions.

    The singing gets rapid in places, but that’s opera for you. Gilbert and Sullivan were also notorious for that–even native English speakers have a hard time catching all of the words in the Major General’s Song, for instance.

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