September 16th Is Buy A Teacher A Book Day

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OK, not really, I just made that up. But it should be! As all the kiddies are going back to school, especially yours if you’ve got ’em, and you are going to have your first meetings with the teachers (Parent Night, Conferences, etc.) over the next few days, this is a good time to bring your kid’s teacher(s) a nice book.

A book on the Evolution Creation Debate for your kid’s biology teacher, or school administrator. A nice science activity book, not necessarily to use in class, but for the elementary school teacher to get some ideas from.

Some ideas:

A local guide to birds or trees or something for a teacher that is known to take the kiddies out to the pond in the back of the school to collect stuff. Or a bird related book for the art teacher would be nice. That sort of thing.

One nice book, that I just reviewed, is Climate Change Discover How It Impacts Space Ship Earth. Related would be Mike Mann’s pictorial version of the latest IPCC Report’s science volume. Genie Scott’s book on Evolution vs. Creationism.

A kid’s book on global warming or one on evolution would be nice for the elementary school teachers.

Have you read the breakthrough novel of the year? When you are done with that, try:

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