Michael With Mike Mann On Pope

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Michael Mann was interviewed by Michael Smerconish about the Pope’s recent letter on climate change:

Here’s the NYT piece by Justin Gillis mentioned by Mann.

The graphic at the top is form here.

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8 thoughts on “Michael With Mike Mann On Pope

  1. Unfortunately, many fundamentalist Protestants (my family included) consider him the Antichrist, and something tells me this latest encyclical won’t help that image whatsoever.

  2. That’s because he’s the most Christ-like Pope they’ve had in centuries.

    And that threatens what they consider “their” territory.

    Not very Christianly, if you ask me… More like Pharisaical.

  3. Not very Christianly, if you ask me

    There is a quote, usually attributed to Gandhi, but of dubious authenticity:

    I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

  4. I don’t like the slant of that Washington Post article. It reads too much like a “he said, she said” piece. Also, it refers to those who object to the Pope’s position — based as it is on well-supported science — as skeptics, and puts “denial” in quotes.

    “In the 192-page paper released Thursday, Francis lays out the argument for a new partnership between science and religion to combat human-driven climate change — a position bringing him immediately into conflict with skeptics, whom he chides for their ‘denial.’ ”

    And later:

    “The pope’s stark warnings sparked derision and dismissal from conservative skeptics.”

    How many times must this be said? A skeptic is someone who doubts the quality of the evidence for a particular position, and does so because he can present other evidence that contradicts or casts doubt on the original evidence. The so-called skeptics the Post refers to aren’t doing that.

  5. ^^#6: Exactly. If you’re using words like “derision and dismissal” then we’re not talking about skeptics, we’re talking about deniers.

  6. Sorry to put in this off-topic comment, but I can’t find the relevant thread. You said you’d try to get Amazon selling a paperback edition of Sungudogo to complement the (blech) Kindle edition. I’ve been checking back every so often, and for the past couple of weeks, Sungudogo has not even been available on Kindle and Amazon claims never to have heard of it. It has become doubly a cryptid! Are you aware that this is going on?

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