Detroit-Chicago High Speed Rail

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Nice to see some movement on advanced, 21st (really, 20th) century public transportation. From Detroit Free Press:

A completed high-speed rail corridor between Chicago and Detroit could boost round-trip passenger train service between the two cities from the current three daily trips to 10 by 2035 at speeds of 110 m.p.h., according to preliminary planning on the project.

The higher speeds would also cut the 5 hour, 38 minute trip by almost two hours, and reduce 20 minutes from the leg that continues from Detroit to Pontiac, which would see an extra four daily round-trips from the current three.

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2 thoughts on “Detroit-Chicago High Speed Rail

  1. Shinkansen.

    I’ve travelled on that and it works superbly. Cross between a jet airliner and a train really.

    Great idea which works well in a whole lot of other places too – Europe, even China and they are talking about doing something similar along the Aussie East coast as well.

    Hope this happens and is the way of the future – lot of potential here to make the world better for a great many folks in a number of ways.

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