4 thoughts on “Next great thing: Google Cardboard

  1. Microsoft force feeds boring, non-innovative products down its customers’ throats. Google creates nifty products that people want to have. You would think Microsoft would get it after years of examples provided by Google, but they don’t. It’s Microsoft’s way to ignore everyone and to make others do things their way, no matter how much they have to spend to make that happen.

  2. Google is also the NSA with better PR, and the Stasi dressed up in a clown suit to look like entertainment.

    Google’s philosophical agenda is to promote The Singularity, for which purpose they’ve given Ray Kurzweil a blank check.

    Don’t get into cars with strangers who offer you candy. If it looks too good to be true, it’s probably a scam. And when someone promises you immortality and God in a box, chances are they’re a quack.

  3. Every time I pay any attention to the newest thing, typically from Google or Apple (though other companies show up, too), all I can think is
    1) San Francisco is a pretty interesting place
    2) I wonder how long before services and infrastructure currently available in San Fran and a few other major US centers spread far enough to be available here?

    The background assumptions of this and a great many other recent similar things (Google glass is a prominent example) are pretty interesting to examine. I don’t know anybody who has an always-on, unlimited data plan for their smartphone and who does not complain constantly about the crippling cost or throw out lame justifications (“I need it for work!”) at every opportunity; nobody just uses such a luxury without comment or fuss. Same for battery life – does anybody own a second battery for their smartphone that they keep charged and swap into the phone when its battery runs low? How do they do it in San Fran? Wireless charging?
    They’re living in (a version of) the future in the Bay Area, it’s kind of fun to get a preview of ideas the rest of us *might* actually see in a few years.

  4. I think you can get those hats normally used for holding cans of beer at sporting events and load them up with batteries.

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