Weather Update: Heat, Drought, Fires.

Paul Douglas’s overview of current wether and climate effects.

Published on Apr 7, 2014
WeatherNationTV Chief Meteorologist Paul Douglas goes over the continuing dangerous drought occurring across the western US. Some places need over a foot of rain just to break even! Is there any relief in sight?

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2 thoughts on “Weather Update: Heat, Drought, Fires.

  1. Most of California gets little or no rain from May to October (usual for a Mediterranean climate), so the drought will almost certainly persist for at least six more months. Not good for anybody who lives there. Also not good to see the drought extending into the southern Plains, although at least that area has some chance of getting rain during the summer (a tropical storm or two hitting Texas would be handy).

  2. Right now in MN, our upper topsoil is moist enough but the lower soil is dryish. The cold delayed movement of water from upper to lower. So we may actually be having droughtish conditions and not even know it.

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