Hero of the week: Brenda Wood from WXIA in Atlanta

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J’aime entendre les gens parlant des langues différentes. Soms verstaan ek wat hulle sê, soms het ek dit nie doen nie. Lakini wakati yote iko mzuri kujua KiEnglezi haiko se luga tu ye monye. Amu oro ndakiani anu anu me lii erembe … Or, maybe I’ll just have a Coke.

Except I don’t drink coke much. But that is hardly the point.

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1 thought on “Hero of the week: Brenda Wood from WXIA in Atlanta

  1. Ya when I saw that the other day I loved her comment about the author of America the Beautiful – just couldn’t help but smile thinking about all those homophobic rednecks out there getting their smile on when they hear that song and not knowing that it was written by a lesbian in a decades long stable loving relationship. Oh the irony – just love it.

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