5 thoughts on “Why the “N-word” is worse than “Cracker”

  1. Good clip. I don’t think the word cracker came up, so I guess that is reference to the T.M case. I am sure glad I am not on the jury because I think the legal structure is trying to force this case somewhere it might not quite go, but I doubt they had other legal alternatives. I think reckless endangerment only applies to driving.

  2. This particular clip is part of a longer bit in which it was discussed (there’s a brief mention in one of the roll by banners).

  3. Holy Shit! Burton has a 33 y/o kid? He has such a babyface, I still think of him as 30-something from his SNG days.

  4. Is the question to hand whether one’s worse than the other? Isn’t it that ‘cracker’ is also a pejorative, racially prejudiced term?

  5. Ironically, the word is used way more in the Black Community, who seem to have a masochistic need to keep it alive.

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