Bob Alberti. Would you look at that face!?!?

Bob Alberti is a friend of mine in Minneapolis (actually, he was even my student for a few weeks). I was rather startled to see is very scary face staring at me from the Internet this morning (see above). All I can say, is if you run into this guy, watch out! His snark is very, very sharp.

From the Star Tribune article featuring Bob:

A recent study declared Minneapolis parks the best in the nation. We also have another fine natural resource: technology pioneers/comedians who go on the Internet and smack down snooty New Yorkers. Which brings us to Bob Alberti.

“When I was a kid, I went from living in Queens, where my mother was cruel and wouldn’t let me swim in the overflowed sewers in the streets, to living on a lake in Minnesota, and I knew what I liked better.”

“I am a professional insult comedian.”

Bob invented two things before he started his career as a Vilification Tennis master: He invented gaming and he invented the internet!

Check out the story.

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2 thoughts on “Bob Alberti. Would you look at that face!?!?

  1. I just invented ONLINE gaming. Okay, I didn’t actually INVENT it, I just shanghaied Alan Kleitz’s talent and got him to place his “Milieu” program (now renamed “Scepter of Goth”) into a commercial setting. So GamBit was the first COMMERCIAL MMORPG, back when MM meant “sixteen users” and O meant “dial-up.”

    I actually wrote a paper for my college degree in which I tracked down a bunch of our franchisees and discovered that many of them had continued in the industry after GamBit and become leaders in the online game business.

    I can dig up the paper and put in on Scribd if you’d like to look at it.

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