Crowdfunding the Dark Snow Project

New research indicates that the reflectivity of the surface of the Greenland Glacier is decreasing due to the deposition of dark particles from fires on the surface of the ice. This phenomenon is contributing to unprecedented melting of the ice sheet. This is a huge concern. One of the most significant outcomes of global warming will be the melting of large portions of the world’s glaciers, causing the sea level to rise dangerously.

There is a project called The Dark Snow Project which is an effort to measure this newly discovered effect. A large part of this research is being crown-funded, and of course, you can and should contribute to this.

The Dark Snow project is carrying out a major funding initiative right now.

From Leo Hickman’s blog at The Guardian:

Jason Box, a climatologist based at the Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University, is hoping to raise $150,000 over the coming months to pay for an expedition this summer up onto the “ice dome” of Greenland to gather samples of snow. …

The climatic impact of “black carbon” and wildfire smoke is much in the news and yet remains little understood. Last year, Box presented satellite observations (pdf) showing how soot particles drifting from tundra wildfires spread across Greenland. The big as-yet-unanswered question is whether this soot contributed towards the region’s record melt during the summer of 2012. And, if so, by how much.

Here’s a video giving an overview of the project:

You can contribute to the Dark Snow Project by clicking here, where you will find couple of options for making a much needed donation.

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One thought on “Crowdfunding the Dark Snow Project

  1. since several years ago, I’ve been warning the public, scientists and politicians, about the danger to life and the planet of the continuing oil burning. Mother nature is NOT to blame, like some TV meteorologists says. We need to blame the oil companies, scientists and politicians. Some scientists and politicians think that science and technology will solve all problems. But they’re damn wrong, problems will worsen!!!…The USA is trying to control the planet’s climate, and climate change will continue to kill thousands of people worldwide, will cause mutations in germs and will turn the planet into a dangerous one for living. Our planet is right NOW under intensive care unit for treatment, and is dyeing!!!1….

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