And in today’s news….

We have a big race coming up in the Twin Cities. The local news just reported that “in light of the events that happened in Boston, runners are encouraged to pack light when they go to the race.”

The death toll in Bangladesh has gone to 1,000 as one person was pulled out alive after 17 days.

Today, the atmospheric concentration of CO2, which should be about 280 ppm, reached 400 ppm. It will fluctuate a bit below and above 400 over the next couple of years, then stay above 400 for the long term, certainly over the life time of any infants born today. This is all going to look pretty silly when sea levels rise 9 feet. Which will just be the beginning.

As I write this hipsters are being interviewed about the shooting that just happened in South Minneapolis. They were hyped.

The news reporters can no conceive of an address in the 2700s would be near the corner of 28th street. This is what happens when we let suburbanites handle our news reports. Also, yes, it matters if it is “N” or “S” because almost every avenue in the city has a North and a South part.

That is all for now.

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