Hunters, Anglers, and Climate Change: Win a free shotgun!

This comes form Peter Sinclair’s blog:

The Conservation Hawks is a new group dedicated to harnessing the power of sportsmen to address climate change. Stop. Before you give in to anger, or to the “conservation fatigue” that can fall upon us like a giant wet carpet whenever climate change is mentioned, consider this: If you can convince Conservation Hawks chairman Todd Tanner that he’s wasting his time, that he does not have to worry about climate change, he will present to you his most prized possession: A Beretta Silver Pigeon 12 gauge over/under…

Go to Peter’s blog and get your gun!

Meanwhile, here is Climate Denial Crock of the Week’s latest video:

More posts on climate change are here.

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9 thoughts on “Hunters, Anglers, and Climate Change: Win a free shotgun!

  1. The Beretta is a great gun. Wish I could win one, but admitting that climate chnage is even real is something I as a noral person cannot do. Perhaps if they bribed me with $400 trillion I might be able to then lie and say climate chnage exists. Until then, I will just keep pointing and laughing at eco geeks and fraudsters who want to redistribute what I worked for.

  2. yeh. Bring on the rapture

    i bet you’d sell out for less than $400 T, though your brain is probably so hard wired no amount, event $400T, is going to stop your drunken rants

    invariable breaking your contract

    so i guess nobody would offer you a cent for your opinion

    though google might prove me wrong


  3. That’s OK, if you got the gun we would just take it away from you later when we repealed the 2nd amendment!

  4. To incentivize the inverse problem, will Greg book be a pair of Purdy’s or Fox ‘s if I turn Steve Forbes around?

  5. Gre, son. You have a lot to learn. You do not have the balls to try and take someone’s gun from them. Instead you will send your federal minions to do it for you and get some of them killed and their families targeted in the process. Blood will be on YOUR hands, not ours.

    I tell ya what. Grab one of your liberal buddies and grab a camera. Next go up to some gun owners house in the south and DEMAND that he give up his freedom. Keep the camera rolling and then post the results on you tube. It would serve others well to watch what happens next. You probably would not be shot being that you come unarmed, but a massive butt kicking would you endure.

    Just remember that confiscaion of any property be it money, guns, or whatever usually has its consequences somewhere down the road. In short, payback is a bitch. Go ahead and try your little plot. We dare you. Your government is already $16 trillion in debt. If it starts a civil war where you stupid people kill off your main taxpayers, then who is going to pay for your fornication meds this?

    Greg, why would you target the main taxpayers of AmeriKa? If they die in battle, who will pay for your free stuff then? Either way, we win.

  6. Besides, Greg it is rather hard to take away someone’s guns when you do not now where their guns are buried. Search me. You have 11 counties to choose from. Good luck.

  7. Fun fact for the day:

    Most crimes commited with a gun are done by democrats. Then the Republicans get blamed.

    Don’t believe me? Visit a maximum security prison where the most dangerous criminals reside and then take a poll. How many Republicans would there be versus democrats?

    If democrats want to stop violent crime, then they should spread their message throug their ghettoes. Get the message across to them that raping, robbing, killing, and stealing is wrong.

    Look at chicago. Murder city. How many of them are Republicans? I say we just ban guns for democrats. looks like they do most of the killing. Was Adam Lanza a democrat? You betcha!

    So, to solve the problem, ban weapons for democrats.

    The truth hurts.

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